When last did you have your solar panels serviced? 

Did you know it’s recommended to have your solar panels serviced and assessed every two years?

Think of this;

  • days on end in extreme heat
  • hail storms
  • hundreds of rainfalls
  • UV damage to rooftop electrical isolators
  • high winds

And that’s all before you even consider;

  • poor installation quality
  • faulty products
  • non compliant panels
  • non compliant rooftop isolators
  • possible roof leaks
  • wear and tear

We’ve outlined the problems, but here’s the solution!

Solar Recruitment now offer Solar Servicing for all existing AND new customers – helping you maximise your returns while ensuring absolute electrical safety for your family and your home.

The Solar Service includes, but is not limited to;

Full mechanical assessment

  • Full electrical testing of function
  • Full electrical safety testing
  • Shading assessments
  • Forecast output calculations
  • Isolator assessments internally and externally
  • Full 3 page report outlining all of the above, plus any rectifications required.

In the last 5 years, Melbourne Fire Brigade responded to over 40 house fires caused by solar panels in Victoria – don’t join the list…